Monday, August 1, 2016


Do you have a favorite story from the weekend you want to share? We have tons that make us laugh and feel touched. Add a comment here with your favorite tales!


Matt said...


It was awesome looking around the pool after the reception and seeing:

*people enjoying cocktails on the deck
*swimmers being flipped through the air off Zach's shoulders
*cousins swimming through with cowboy hats on
*massive checken fights
*beer grenades being thrown willy-nilly in the deep end
*what appeared to be normal bar talk and fratenizing in the shallow end

Honestly, we did not plan the pool part of the after-party. Nice job brging the (wet) celebration!

Matt said...

Amanda said...

Do you remember the butterfly that fluttered around us during the ceremony? It was so romantic, and it made me think that loved ones who weren't able to make it were floating all around us.

Anonymous said...

moomer said...
Minder, I, too, thought the butterfly was either Nana or Grandma, but decided it had to be my mother, because Nana would never have been so intrusive, whereas Kathleen Abshere never let anything stop her from doing something bold and fun! Sure scared away the buzzard spirits! I also enjoyed watching barefoot Tallulah fill barefoot Shiloh's ballet slippers with sand... LOVE you Lipsteins!

kristen said...

morning after the pool party at the lost and we r missing a bra, panties, a pair of pants, a dress, and one flip flop..have you seen them around

JEA said...

In the wee hours after Kristen, Meredith & I had our fill of dancing it up in the boys' room, I tried to steal Lawrence Larry Lars' shorts which lead to a hallway rumble which I think might have lead to his broken toe. Sorry Larry, but like I said, you mess with the bull, you get the horns.

But seriously, I do apologize for the broken toe & hope it has been healing nicely.

FAVORITE moment of the night: Amanda coming down in her bikini, wedding dress in hand & putting on a rockin' show for the cameras & the pool partiers. You are a super star!

FAVORITE VOW: Matt's promise to Amanda of tickets into space if they are available in their lifetime. Now that's love. I hope you get to orbit together someday.